About Us

RBE_DiversityRock-Bailey Enterprises is a full-service human resources management consulting firm owned and operated by Jinni Rock-Bailey. 

RBE offers “best-practice” techniques when consulting on HR and related issues.  Our expertise in HR consulting is based on years of experience in management development and compliance. We provide clients with the skills to manage day-to-day human resource issues systematically and effectively…this is our strength and our pleasure.

At RBE, the Human Resource function is seen as a strategic business unit that is an integral part of the overall business objectives and operates with clearly defined outcomes.  We are strategic partners that deliver value to our clients overall business which leads to trust.

RBE helps to define these outcomes through our core services: HR Solutions and Compliance.

Our commitment to meet your needs is driven by our determination to integrate effective HR and related systems with existing infrastructures.

 Our Mission:

To provide better decisions and strategic tools to companies that help create a culture shift that leads to a more confident and empowered management team. We accomplish this by providing human resource services to for profit and not for profit companies that meet their needs of today and your goals of tomorrow.

Our beliefs are founded in the tradition of smart work practices, ethical and professional behaviors and a high degree of integrity.  These values are reflected in our actions and confirmed in our long term client relationships.
Our goal is to remain the go-to human resource services firm known for responsible results and recommendations.