HR-Non Profit

JInni Rock Bailey, Rock Bailey EnterprisesRBE understands how important staffing, retention, and productivity is to a non-profit organization. The quality of the human resources decisions are of paramount importance for organizations.  It is imperative to know who to hire, whose employment needs to end, and who should advance from within. We pride ourselves on bringing value to organizations, and keeping management in the know with HR related issues.

We love what Rock-Bailey Enterprises (RBE) brings to our organization. – Executive Director, Women for Change

Our integrated approach helps organizations address 6 key areas of human resources management for non-profit organizations:

  1. Assessing personnel needs The RBE Personnel Assessment consists of identifying projected growth, effective utilization of staff.
  2. Recruiting personnel The RBE Recruiting personnel assessment assists clients to recruit based on budget by identifying internal and external resources
  3. Screening personnel The RBE screening personnel assessment consist of a rigid interview that covers topic to select the most qualified candidate
  4. Selecting and hiring personnel The RBE selecting and hiring personnel assessment consists of reviewing 2-3 and presenting the candidate as a must for each client.
  5. On-boarding  new employees to the organization The RBE Onboarding process is comprehensive and includes HR and Management